Witness gives details in alleged assault case against Chris Brown

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FEDERAL HEIGHTS, Colo. -- New information has emerged in the alleged assault case against rapper Chris Brown.

The incident happened Sept. 14 in Federal Heights, and Brown and members of his entourage have been named persons of interest.

A woman who only wants to be known as Rosa Gonzales said she was across the street the entire night as the music video featuring French Montana, Fetty Wap and Brown was being shot.  She took several pictures with the rappers before security asked her to put her phone away.  She also said she saw everything go down.

She said four girls climbed onto Brown’s tour bus and several minutes later, as seen in surveillance video obtained by TMZ, she watched the girls get off.

“Didn’t see anything unusual like anyone throw off,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said the woman accusing Brown of assault got off the bus alone and ran toward where she was standing.  She said the woman told her they kicked her off, accusing her of touching Brown.

“She was alone.  Yeah, nobody pushed her.  She walked across and came to us and that's when she started telling us what happened,”  Gonzales said.

The woman told police that Brown forcibly threw her off.

“She wasn’t forcibly thrown off.  You can tell she was escorted,” Gonzales said.

Federal Heights police say took pictures of marks on the woman several hours after she said the incident happened.  The pictures, police said, are similar to the ones obtained by TMZ.

“She didn’t show us any marks.  Didn’t say anyone physically touched her.  None of that,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said the truth needs to be told.

“I don’t know what she’s trying to get out of it but whatever it is, in my opinion, she needs to come forward and tell the truth because that's not the truth she’s telling people,” she said.

Police said they have requested a second interview from the accuser and will also potentially speak to Brown and members of his entourage again. Those interviews have not happened.

Police will then determine the severity of the case before deciding whether to hand the case to prosecutors.

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