‘Companion’ app makes sure you never walk home alone again

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DENVER -- It's an app for all ages and makes it safe to walk alone. Whether it's your kids going to the bus stop or you want to take a run on your own, the Companion app makes sure you're never left alone, especially when you feel unsafe.

The GPS app promises that if you download it, your kids will never have to walk home again.

Companion allows your family or friends to digitally walk you home.

Say you're going on a run. You just type in your destination on your phone and share it with a companion. That person gets an alert on their phone and can follow your signal.

If you feel nervous, you simply touch the "I feel nervous" button or call police and your location will be shared.

The University of Michigan student who developed the app said she created it with college students in mind.

"I would definitely recommend this app to any family who likes to keep in touch with their children or family members," one woman said.

The app is also being used to help parents track their kids overseas and as they're getting on and off buses.

Developers say a newer version is expected to be released soon.