Parents say doctor gave them wrong child, sold real son to human traffickers

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SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — A Texas woman gave birth to a baby boy at a private hospital in El Salvador in May and after leaving to return home, she and her husband were convinced they were given the wrong baby.

New DNA evidence shows they were right.

Before leaving the hospital, Mercedes Casanellas and her husband, Richard Cushworth, felt something was wrong, according to the Daily Mail. The couple told staff members that the child they claimed was hers had a darker skin tone than the one she gave birth to, but the hospital said they were mistaken.

The couple took photos of their newborn immediately after birth and said the pictures are more proof their child was swapped.

The couple flew home to Texas and three months later, they went to get a DNA test. The results shows there was a 0 percent probability the child was their son.

They flew to El Salvador over the weekend to get DNA testing on all of the baby boys born at the hospital on the same day as their son, the Daily Mail reported. The results are pending.

The doctor of the couple was arrested and the El Salvador attorney general has opened an investigation after there were claims the doctor led a trafficking ring inside the hospital.

“I just want him to give me my baby back. I want to know that my child hasn’t been trafficked or any other crime committed against him,” Casanellas said. “I need my baby, I’m just asking for my baby.”

If the parents of the baby they were given cannot be found, Casanellas and Cushwork said they would adopt him.

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