Frontier Airlines offers $1 fares for one day only

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DENVER -- Thanks to Frontier Airlines' latest promotion, you can buy a one-way ticket for one dollar.  That’s four quarters.  One-hundred pennies.

There are some fees attached, but the price remains right if you're ready to travel right away.

The one-day promotion is for a handful of cities with limited times.  But their offer is true.

One way, one buck.

“It can only be good for a company that’s really struggling.  It’s been struggling for years.  It’s struggling with it’s identity,” said professor of marketing Darrin Duber-Smith from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Duber-Smith said the $1 flights are doing exactly what Frontier wants them to do.

“The way you get the attention of the media is to put something ridiculous like $1 and so now you’re getting all kinds of publicity," he said.

There is a $14 service charge each way so a round-trip ticket would cost $30.  That’s if, of course, you can find the time, availability and destination to your liking.

“I would probably fly somewhere like Cleveland," Duber-Smith said.


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