10-year-old girl reported missing in Aurora

Unique 2 Colorado: Beep Balls

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Beep Balls. Modified softballs made to continuously beep for use by the visually impaired for a game called Beep Ball. And Beep Balls are only made right here in Denver. Beep Balls are made by a group of volunteers called the CenturyLink Pioneers. Made up of mostly retirees from the phone companies, these volunteers donate their time to making 11-12 hundred Beep Balls a year! The balls are sold at cost and if broken the Pioneers do their best to fix them. Balls that can’t be fixed to beep the same, but still make noise, they are donated to blind dogs. The waiting list for those is a long one. The Pioneers also make beeping Easter eggs for visually impaired kids in the spring and have recently started making beeping field hockey pucks. For info on how to get Beep Balls or to volunteer, click HERE!