Incident causes Germany-bound plane to divert to DIA

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DENVER — A German-bound flight was diverted to Denver International Airport on Friday night.

Airport spokesman Heath Montgomery said an incident occurred on a Condor Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt. The flight was  diverted to Denver after the pilot declared an emergency.

An FBI spokeswoman said fighter planes escorted the plane to DIA.

The matter was determined to be a customer-service issue and not terrorism related.  The FBI said a confrontation occurred between the flight crew and a passenger. No arrest was made.

A passenger on the plane tweeted that she was delayed because “crazy ladies punching stewardess.”

She also posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Emergency landing in#Denver on the way to #Europe thanks to a crazy cat lady who punched a flight attendant * ( < @andymilonakis ) in the face for not letting her see her cat? I guess. Not sure. –Thank god I have a good read from my favs #stevenlevitt &#stephendubner (sic) …”

Condor Airlines put up passengers at hotels overnight, according to Montgomery. They were required to go back through security.

All passengers were reported safe upon landing.  The flight was rescheduled to fly at 8:10 p.m. Saturday.