First grade teacher raising money to buy iPads for students

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DENVER -- Even under ideal conditions, teaching kids is a very challenging job.

Gust Elementary School first grade teacher Elizabeth Ellis loves her job.

“I love my job because of the kids. The kids are what I work so hard for, every single day,” she said.

But like in any job, one needs the right tools.  Notebooks, pencils, erasers, folders.

There is one tool in particular Ellis would like to have for her kids: iPads. Actually, five of them.

“I specifically want iPads for the kids because of the technology, I feel it is so important for learning today," she said.

IPads are not in the school budget this year. Five iPads at $250 each equals $1,250 not including tax.

“GoFundMe is easy to use.  I have it directly connected to my Facebook account, I can share emails or updates," Ellis said.

And, hopefully, she can raise the $1,250 needed to keep her kids learning the high tech way.

As of Friday morning, there was $2,750 in the GoFundMe account, enough to buy more than five iPads.