12 wild animals rescued from Mexico are brought to Colorado

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KEENESBURG, Colo. -- Twelve wild animals were rescued from rough conditions in Mexico this week and given new lives at The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Eight lions, two lynx, one mountain lion and one coyote arrived in Colorado on Wednesday night. By Thursday afternoon, they were adjusting to their new home.

Some of the animals were held captive in Mexican zoos and circuses. Others were owned privately. A lion named Sansei was discovered abandoned on the side of a road.

“She was a former circus animal who was dumped,” said Jason Maxey with the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Perhaps the saddest story is the story of CanCan the coyote.

“He was unfortunately used in some witchcraft ceremonies,” Maxey said.

According to the shelter, some people practicing black magic would tie his legs, hang him and poke his body with forks. The Wild Animal Sanctuary says there are plenty of wild animals dealing with difficult situations across the country.

“There are more tigers in the state of Texas outside the zoo system than there is in the wild, currently,” Maxey said. “There’s about 3,200 tigers in the wild today compared to about 4,000 in the state of Texas outside the zoo system alone."

The 12 animals brought to the Wild Animal Sanctuary will spend the rest of their lives relaxing, eating endless amounts of food and for once – enjoying life.