Solar panels cause problems for neighbors in Littleton

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LITTLETON, Co. – Solar panels are causing a big problem for one homeowner in Littleton after a set in his neighbor’s backyard started glaring into his home. Now that homeowner is asking for tighter regulations.

Stacey Hodapp takes a lot of pride in his backyard. He and his wife have lived in their Littleton home for almost 20 years. They say they cannot enjoy it anymore though because of a set of solar panels on the other side of their fence. When the sun hits the panel, it reflects like a mirror.

“It glares from 5:30 to 7:30 May through August and you can’t enjoy yourself in your own home,” Hodapp told FOX31.

The panels were installed seven years ago.

They are common in the Denver metro area, but do not usually cause glare issues because most are installed on the roof. The ones next to Hodapp’s home are installed on the ground. He has spent thousands of dollars trying out taller fences and trees to block the glare but he says none of it helps.

“Why should I have to do something with something that [my neighbor] is imposing on me?” Hodapp says.

We reached out to the owner of the solar panels. He said he feels like a victim, too.

The panels are not breaking any rules. He is allowed to have them in his yard. Instead, he has also spent a lot of money trying different ways to block the glare for Hodapp. However, the two sides cannot agree.

Hodapp wants the panels removed. That is not likely to happen, so he hopes his situation can serve as a learning lesson for cities to adopt better rules for solar in the future.

“Don’t’ get us wrong we are totally for it. I mean, we’re all green,” Hodapp said. “We love to see that this is something new coming into play. But, there is nothing out there to protect us from this.”

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