JeffCo teacher bans unhealthy snacks from classroom

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- If you're looking for snacks to buy your kids, listen up, because some snacks might not be allowed in your child's classroom.

One local elementary school teacher is telling parents what snacks they can -- and cannot -- buy their children.

Miss Doherty at Leawood Elementary School is banning several fattening foods from her classroom, including anything that contains sugar or corn syrup.

Some parents say the teacher is overstepping her bounds, but Michelle Lyng with Jefferson County Schools says this list isn't anything new.

"Miss Doherty uses this as a teaching opportunity; Basically she uses this as both a science project and a life skills project," said Lyng.

Jefferson County Public Schools says there's no district policy on snacks -- it's up to the individual teachers. Though, just like other districts in the metro area, the school district does encourage healthy choices.