Colorado landmark Tivoli Brewery reopens at MSU-Denver

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DENVER -- The Tivoli brewery is a Colorado land mark, established in 1859, and after 46 years it’s back in business.

Tivoli was the first ever brewery in Colorado, and the second in the nation. Thanks to a partnership with MSU-Denver Tivoli re-opened its doors on Saturday afternoon.

“The hardwood floors, the tile, the walls, even the brew kettles are all from the original building, the original brewery in the 1800’s,” MSU-Denver freshman Kayla Kleinkopf said.

The Tivoli Brewing Company was one of the largest in the country in the 1950’s, but the Platte River Flood and labor strikes caused it to close its doors in 1969.

“What makes this brewery special is the soul behind it,” Founder and CEO Corey Marshall said. “Soul means it’s got deep character, it’s got a personality.”

The re-opening was made possible by a group of native Coloradans and MSU-Denver.

“It wouldn’t have been done without the school and the vision they had,” Marshall said. “Really a progressive smart group of people looking for what’s new in the curve of education and trying to provide what’s important for the students.”

MSU-Denver now offers degrees in the beer industry, and the Tivoli brewery offers the hands on experience.

“Isn’t it okay that learning is cool?” professor Michael Wray said. “It’s a multi-billion dollar business for Colorado. Why not create a science for learning about brewing? A craft, the idea of combining bio chemistry with business and artistic classes.”

A perfect mix for students looking to get into the industry, and make a career out of it.

“I always thought that I would work in a restaurant and find my next big girl job. I didn’t ever think that brewing beer might be that job one day until Tivoli came around,” Kleinkopf said.

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