Search for cheaters is on now that hacked data from is available

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Ashley Madison website

DENVER — For some cheaters life just got a little more complicated.

Thursday the group that hacked into a website that connects married people for affairs posted even more information online.

The group last month hacked the database of and just released personal details — including names, email addresses and credit card information — for more than 32 million people who were registered for the site.

And with the release of the data at least a dozen sites like have popped up allowing anyone to search an email address to see if it’s been registered on

According to the website itself, more than 70,000 Mile High City cheaters are registered on the site. “That seems pretty high actually,” said Denver Divorce and Custody Attorney Scott Goldman.

Infidelity is a word Goldman hears often.

He said in at least 50 percent of the divorce cases he takes on, cheating is the main cause.

And according to, Northglenn is Metro Denver’s least faithful neighborhood. previously released a list of Denver’s top 10 cheating areas, and it’s based on a zip code analysis of the Mile High cheaters registered on the site.

  1.  Northglenn 10.6
  2.  LoDo 9.8
  3.  Thornton 9.2
  4.  Capitol Hill 8.4
  5.  Wash Park 8.1
  6.  Cherry Creek 7.5
  7.  Golden Triangle 7.3
  8.  Stapleton 6.9
  9.  Park Hill 6.4
  10.  Central East Denver 5.8

“The infidelity will hurt your spouse and at the end of the day there will be a consequence for the person who`s committing the infidelity,” Goldman said.

While Goldman has yet to receive a call based on the website hack he said with the information now public it will no doubt cause a spike in matrimonial breakups.

“Once the other person finds out that their spouse was on this site, it’s going to hopefully naturally cause some kind of a reaction. What that reaction is, I don`t know. Hopefully it’s some sort of a reconciliation rather than a divorce,” he said.

It’s important to note that it’s hard to verify the accuracy of sites that claim to have the data from the breach.

If you type in any email and it’s part of the database it could mean one of three things: the email owner is an active member of the site, the email owner created an account but doesn’t use it or someone used that person’s email to create a fake account.

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