Mark Redwine, now person of interest in son’s death, responds to wife’s lawsuit

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Mark Redwine, left, and Elaine Hall, right, appear on the Dr. Phil show in 2013 after the disappearance of their son Dylan Redwine, who was later found dead. (Photo: Dr. Phil Show)

LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. — A day after being named a person of interested in the investigation into his son Dylan Redwine’s disappearance and death, Mark Redwine has responded to his wife’s pending lawsuit.

Elaine Hall filed the wrongful death lawsuit on June 29 in a La Plata County District Court, claiming their son Dylan’s death was “the proximate and direct result of the negligence” of Mark.

In the counterclaim obtained by FOX31 Denver on Thursday, Mark accuses Hall of engaging in “extensive and abusive litigation” against him. It further alleges that “if not for the actions of Elaine, it’s more likely than not that Dylan would not have left his father’s home and would be alive today.”

Dylan, then 13, disappeared from his father’s home in the La Plata County town of Vallecito in November 2012, during a court-ordered visit. After an extensive search, some of his remains were finally discovered in the summer of 2013.

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The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office announced on Wednesday that Redwine’s cause of death had been changed from “unknown” to “homicide.” They also identified Mark as a person of interest in the investigation.

Investigators said they had zeroed in on a person of interest in the case on July 1 of this year, but they had not identify that person until Wednesday.

Mark told FOX31 Denver’s Mark Meredith he “had no idea” before the announcement from the La Plata County Sheriff on Wednesday that he had been identified as that person of interest.

“The (person of interest) designation was based on evidence collected, inconsistent statements made by Mark, and his behavior throughout the investigation,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a press release.

The La Plata County Sheriff also indicated on Wednesday that Hall, her son Cory Redwine, and Elaine’s husband, Mike Hall, were cleared of any involvement in Dylan’s disappearance and death.

The feud between Mark and Elaine, who divorced in 2005, elevated to a national stage in the wake of Dylan’s mysterious disappearance and death. A Feb. 2013 appearance on the nationally-syndicated “Dr. Phil” show marked the first time the couple had spoken face-to-face in three years.

On the show, Elaine claimed Mark killed Dylan to get even with her. Mark claimed he divorced Elaine in 2005 because she had a drinking problem.

The counterclaim recently filed in La Plata County by Mark alleges the domestic conditions experienced by Dylan “created the environment that lead to his troubled life and eventually his death.”

Mark asks for Elaine’s lawsuit against him to be dismissed, financial compensation and for his attorney’s fees to be paid.

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