Parents, students fight back after girl sent home for showing collarbone

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. — A campaign has been launched to change a school district’s dress code after a student was sent home for wearing a shirt that showed her collarbone.

WTVQ reports Stacie Dunn received a call on her daughter’s first day of school and was told she was in violation of the dress code. The dress code requires  students wear shirts that cover their collarbone.

Dunn went to Woodford County High School to pick up her daughter, Stephanie, and saw several females standing outside the school office because of dress code violations.

“This isn’t indecent. There were several girls in the office, one was crying,” she told WTVQ.

Dunn posted a photo of her daughter’s outfit and explained what happened on Facebook. Her post has been shared more than 42,000 times.

WTVQ reports there is a student-made documentary about the school’s 10-year-old dress code.  In it, students explain why they want to wear different types of shirts and shorter shorts and skirts.

Since the incident involving Stephanie, parents and students have also gone to the school board to ask that the code be changed.

Superintendent Scott Hawkins said in a statement to “Our school administration has been very open with students and parents alike, that if they feel like changes need to be made, they are open to suggestions. It just needs to be measurable so that it can be consistently enforced.”

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