Denver police report spike in theft of tires, other parts from vehicles

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DENVER -- Police are urging car owners to be smart about protecting their vehicles against tire thefts as stealing tires seems to be on the rise in the city.

The department said there have been almost 40 reports of tire thefts in the past three months.

Here are some ideas about how to keep thieves from taking your tires:

  • If your car doesn't have an alarm, get one. Most have sensors that will attach to your tires.
  • Get lug nut locks. They require a special wrench to remove, so thieves can't use a regular tire iron to get them off.
  • Turn wheels when you park. The tires get stuck in the wheel well if a thief tries to remove them.

If your vehicle is too hard for thieves to get what they want, they'll quickly move on to the next vehicle.

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