Wounded Wisconsin police officer has phone stolen during chase

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GLENDALE, WI. — A Wisconsin police officer had his cell phone stolen moments after he is shot in the line of duty. The brazen act was caught on camera.

It all happened on Aug. 1. when 28-year-old Deandre Wise allegedly stole a Porsche during a test drive from a car dealership.

Deandre Wise

Deandre Wise. (Photo: Fox6)

A criminal complaint filed says a salesman took Wise out in the Porsche for a test drive when he said he didn’t have a license. During the drive, the report says Wise pulled out a rifle and told the salesman to get out of the vehicle.
A resident who lives in the area saw what happened and dialed 911.

“I had a hard time processing what I was seeing,” Tassi Defelice, the man who called 911, told FOX6 News.

He says he saw a black Porsche drive past his home, and then…

“A gentleman with white hair rolled out of the car — rolling on the ground. He said ‘call 911! This guy is stealing this car!’ I knew something was wrong when I saw the car go in reverse and do some evasive moves to get away. It’s just blatant and brazen. I`m actually glad that I was part of capturing this guy because — whatever I can do to help,” Defelice said.

That’s when Glendale officer Eric Guse gave chase. The dashcam video is from his squad car.

A high speed chase followed on a freeway and through city streets. The Porsche crashed into another car, came to a stop and the driver exited the vehicle.

Guse pursued the suspect on foot. Police say the suspect lay down on the ground on his back, firing his rifle at the police officer, who returned fire.

Dashcam recording: “Shots fired! Shots fired! Dispatch – I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit! Step it up! Step it up! I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit and so has the suspect!”

Guse suffered a graze wound to his head.

But the dashcam video shows something else happen in the midst of the chaos. As the officer ran after Wise, his cell phone fell to the ground. A woman, who is at first seen running away as the shots were fired, circled back towards the scene.

Glendale Police Officer Eric Guse drops his cell phone as he's chasing Deandre Wise

Glendale Police Officer Eric Guse drops his cell phone as he’s chasing Deandre Wise

As the wounded officer waits for help, the dashcam video shows the woman pick up Guse’s cell phone, put it in her pocket, and flee the scene.

“We’d love to get it back and that’s why we’re asking for the help from the community in getting it back,” Joel Dhein with the Glendale Police Department said.

Officer Guse is a K-9 officer with Glendale Police.

“He’s fighting for his life in a deadly-type situation — at that point, after the fact. We all have phones. It would just be nice to get that back,” Dhein said.

Wise was taken into custody nearby. The complaint indicates in his statement to officers, Wise said during the last two weeks, he wasn’t doing enough for his four-year-old son, and he felt “overwhelmed. He believed “everything would go away” if he could obtain the Porsche, police say.

The injured officer is recovering.

Police are asking for anyone with information about Officer Guse’s phone to contact police.