Woman arrested fifth time for feeding bears in Colorado Springs

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- For the fifth time since 2010, a Colorado Springs woman has been arrested for feeding bears in her neighborhood.

Jo Ann Medina was arrested Wednesday evening after police caught her feeding animal and human food to about six to 10 bears. Some of the bears were as large as 450 pounds.

“They’re huge. I can’t estimate how big they would be if they stood up. I’m guessing at least my size and I’m 6-foot-3," said Michael Tassler, Medina’s next door neighbor.

On a daily basis the bears would cross through Tassler’s yard to get to Medina’s.

“Because of the actions of this one person, essentially [Medina] put herself, her family, her neighbors and everyone in her community at high risk,” said Matt Robbins with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“I’m glad that law enforcement has acted. I hope that for whatever reason she’s done this she will stop,” Tassler said.

Medina has ignored requests in the past to stop feeding the bears. Three of the bears she has been feeding have been tagged and will have to be put down, wildlife officers said.

The feelings from neighbors is that it's not a bear problem but a human problem.