Customer sues ‘Throwed Rolls’ restaurant after being injured by roll

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Credit: WDAF

OZARK, Mo. — A Missouri restaurant known for being the “Home of Throwed Rolls” might be in some hot water over a guest who allegedly received a roll-related injury.

Lambert’s Cafe, which features dinner rolls being thrown across the room by servers to guests, is being sued.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday by Troy Tucker, who claims to have “sustained a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment and all head, neck, eyes and vision were severely damaged” after being hit by a dinner roll during a visit in September 2014.

Tucker is seeking $25,000 to cover medical bills and legal fees. The restaurant’s “carelessness and negligence” as the lawsuit alleges has caused expenses totaling $10,000.

The lawsuit claims the restaurant should have known about the dangers involved in its signature practice.

Johnny Fugitt of the River Front Times points out Tucker might not have much of a case considering that in June, Slugger the mascot and the Kansas City Royals were deemed to have not been at fault after a thrown hot dog hit a man in the face and tore his retina.

Fugitt said in that case, the “baseball rule” was referenced and that by voluntarily entering a baseball stadium the victim assumed some responsibility for personal awareness.

Figott out “Home of Throwed Rolls” is posted all over, which could mean Lambert’s diners assume they are putting themselves at risk of being hit by a flying roll upon entering the establishment.

Lambert’s general manager, Jerry Johnson, told KFVS servers never intend to hurt anyone when they throw rolls.