Aurora police want more photo red light cameras

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AURORA, Colo. -- There are 14 intersections in Aurora with photo red light camera systems and traffic officers say they have come up with the new top 10 most-dangerous intersections in the city.

The intersection at East Mississippi Avenue and South Sable Boulevard has been the site of 28 crashes involving injuries over the past five years.

“We just think if we had the ability to move some of the systems from locations that have seen a reduction in crashes, we could slow some drivers down in other areas where more accidents are being recorded,” Aurora police Lt. Mike McClelland said.

While Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed bills designed to kill the use of the cameras, police think the systems work well when it comes to keeping drivers safe.

Still, there are many who say the systems are just a way for cities to generate money.

While in some locations that might be the case, in Aurora, out of the $3,367,715 generated, $1.4 million went to Nexus Programs—victims assistance, Aurora for Youth, Teen Court and Gateway’s Battered Women’s Shelter among others. Another $1.2 million went to the vendor services program that runs the system. The rest went to help fund the department.

Of 88,000 photos taken, 62,000 citations were mailed. And of that number, 39,000 (63 percent) paid their fine.