Mom leaves hospital with sick baby, finds parking ticket with heartwarming letter

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CANBERRA, Australia — An Australian mother was moved after receiving a heartwarming note from a stranger after she left a hospital with her sick baby.

The woman posted the photo and a thank you note to the good Smaraitan on Canberra Mums, a Facebook page for mothers in Canberra, Australia.

She wrote she had spent days in the hospital with her 9-week-old son. After the baby was discharged, she got to her car and found a parking ticket.

“After those days in the hospital, a parking ticket was one more thing that I didn’t need,” she wrote.

But there was a note inside the ticket envelope that read in part: “I’m sure whatever you are going through at hospital is tough enough so I have paid for you. … Hope things get better!!”

The mother wrote in her post: “I hope that Laura sees this and knows how much I appreciate her support. Thank you so much.”

The photo has been shared more than 12,600 times.

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