First responder charged with stealing from dead teens

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FARGO, N.D. — A first responder in Minnesota was charged with stealing money from two teens killed in a car accident back in June.

Authorities say 42-year-old Tara Lindquist admitted to taking the cash to pay her power bill.

In the midst of their daily, nightly swirling of grief, the Kvalvogs now learn an ems volunteer who responded to the crash that day is now facing charges that she stole money from the boys moments after they died on interstate 94.

“Probably just sadness that someone was violating my kids when they were deceased. That is just sad because we have had do much community support, people have been so nice to us,” said Ray Kvalvog.

“It doesn’t anger me at all, I guess what bothers me is that they were there to help my children, and did they help my children, could they have done something else besides worrying about how much money was in their wallets. And I guess that’s where I think we need to say, this can’t happen, because they do have a job to do and I don’t know if they could have done more. I don’t know,” Kathie Kvalvog said.

It was the boys’ father, Ray, who got this investigation going. He noticed cash was missing from the boys’ billfold. Ray had given them money before they left for the basketball camp.

“You think, you are just getting up again, and you get another blow. That is pretty low.” Kathie said.

“To have to think that something like that was going on, I cannot imagine how horrific that was, for them in addition to what happened,” said Michelle Eldien an Otter Tail County attorney.

EMS volunteer Lindquist has confessed to stealing the money. Total amount is not known. But $200 was missing from the Kvalvogs and money was also taken from the two boys who were injured.

“All they had to do , was ask us, if they wanted the money, we would have given them some. It just, to take it like that from our children, not so good.” Kathie said.

“You just feel like we have had enough tragedy, and I think it’s like anything stolen out of their home or their car, you know how angry you get because you feel violated, and then take that times a thousand degrees. I mean it is just horrendous because there is enough pain and disappointment because people have been so supportive, and then to have this happen.” Ray added.

This comes just days after the Kvalvogs learned the boys’ truck may be part of a recall, involving steering.

On top of that, the seven airbags did not deploy. Someone this couple hoped would comforted their sons on the interstate that morning, instead will appear in court on charges, that many find hard to even imagine.