Denver couple praises paramedics who saved man’s life

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DENVER —Jim Nielsen was about to eat dinner about three weeks ago, when chest pains told him something wasn’t right.

“He was showing any of the usual heart attack symptoms,” said wife Roxi Nielsen. “He wasn’t short of breath, he wasn’t passing out, he showed no signs, other than he just felt bad, but I know him and if he said something wasn’t right, I knew something was wrong.”

Against his will, Roxi called 911 and when paramedics arrived they did an EKG, the numbers confirmed Jim was having a heart attack, but what was strange is that he was walking and talking as they took him to the ambulance.

“We sent fire rescue crews on their way and about 10 blocks from Jim’s home, he went into full cardiac arrest,” said Steph Brown. “We stopped the rig right in the middle of Evans and Irving and began CPR and had to hit him with the defibrillator four times.”

Jim was now awake and conscious when they got to Denver Medical Center, fire crews were now in the rig and Nielsen was wide awake after the shocks he was given.

“I never cry, but seeing these wonderful first responders, my eyes are sweating,” said Roxi Nielsen. “The job they did was just wonderful, I can’t thank them enough for bringing Jim back, after all, our 36th wedding anniversary is coming up on the 21st of September.”

As for Jim, he says he is changing his lifestyle—no more drinking, he vows to eat better and loose some more weight.

“I lost 21 pounds in two weeks, but I’ve got some more to go!” said Jim, who now has a new lease on life.

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