Signatures submitted to get Denver public pot use measure on ballot

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DENVER -- Activists who want marijuana consumption allowed in bars and other public areas in Denver turned in signatures Monday to get the issue on the ballot in November.

The Limited Social Use campaign said 4,726 signatures were needed and that it has collected more than 10,000 that will be delivered to the Denver Elections Division on Monday afternoon.

The group said the Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office would have 25 day to certify the petition.

“While petitioning, we found that most voters agree adults should be able to consume marijuana socially in establishments that choose to allow it,” initiative proponent Mason Tvert said in a news release.

“By allowing adults to consume marijuana in private businesses, we can reduce the likelihood that they’ll consume it publicly in parks or on the street.”

If passed, Denver would become the first U.S. city to allow public consumption of marijuana. Under Amendment 64, which passed in November 2012 and went into effect in January 2014, public consumption of marijuana is prohibited.

Bars and clubs would determine if marijuana would be allowed. The state's clean-air laws would still be enforced, so smoking marijuana would have to be on an outside patio.