Gas prices may drop below $2 before Christmas

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Gas price sign July 27, 2015

Gas price sign July 27, 2015

DENVER —  More gas is flooding the market, outpacing demand, and that means that we could see prices tumble very soon.

Petroleum analysts are saying regular gas could average less than $2 a gallon in as many as 20 states before Christmas.

“Once we get past Labor Day, we should see gas falling by 10 to 15 cents a month,” Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst with the Oil Price Information Service, told CNN. “By December, a lot of places are going to see gasoline at $2 or less.”

If that’s not enough, they are even predicting the national average for regular unleaded gas will be $1.98 for the month of December.

Right now, the average price for a gallon of gas in Denver is $2.75. That’s just a couple cents cheaper than the state average at $2.77. Meanwhile, the national average is continuing to fall, now standing at $2.60.