Problem Solvers: Disabled woman can’t get around after thief steals electric scooter

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AURORA, Colo. — A single, handicapped, mother who is bound to a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy is at a loss for words after someone stole her "life-line."

Holly Roberts was moving into her new apartment in Aurora on Wednesday when someone came along and stole her electric scooter.

“You took my life away from me basically,” Roberts said of the thief. Because that’s how I live, that’s how I get around, that’s how take care of my baby.”

Roberts has a traditional wheelchair, but with crippled hands she can’t push herself.

“I think it’s terrible. Who could do something like that? To a handicapped person,” Linda Roberts, Holly’s mother said.

Aurora Police are investigating the theft. The scooter was valued at $3,800.

Without the scooter, Roberts said she has no way of getting around or caring for her baby. For the time being her mother is helping her out.

The Problem Solvers are trying to assist. We’ve heard from a few people looking to donate an electric scooter.

If you’d like to be a Problem Solver, please contact us via email or call 303-566-7575.