Kangoo program helps kids get fit

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- They warm up, do exercises and then a routine to music wearing robotic boots.

Defined Body Pilates and Yoga is the only studio in Connecticut certified to offer the kangoo discovery program to children to get fit with help from springy rebound boots.

Instructor Beth Perzanowski, a fifth-grade teacher, can even bring the program into schools.

"I've seen a change in the kids.  Normally, they come to school and don't want to be there, but on kangoo jumps day, they're like, 'I get to wear the kangoo boots.'"

Surprisingly, it's not too hard to get used to the boots, which manufacturers said improve coordination, endurance, posture and confidence.

Already common in Europe, adult kangoo jumps fitness classes are also gaining popularity across the nation.

Owner Lucille Pelletier said it's a great cardio workout for people who have back and knee injuries, though they should check with a doctor first.

With childhood obesity at an alarming rate, Perzanowski hoopes more kids get kangoo jumps fever by putting down their phones and video games.

In Colorado, there are kangoo jumps resources at:

Body Dynamics, Boulder: 303-440-5776, bodydynamics.net. Kangoo jumps classes are $10 to $15 with a complimentary introductory class. Boot purchase is $212 plus tax.

Denver Athletic Club: 303-931-6811, denverathleticclub.cc. Guest fee is $20 if accompanied by a member; boot rental free. Boot purchase is $229 to $259; Kangoo jumps home fitness and weight loss DVD is $28, kangoojumps.com

Lakeshore Athletic Club, Broomfield: 303-729-4300, lsac-flatiron.com. Complimentary guest pass and $2 boot-rental fee.

Christy Thiel: Personal trainer and kangoo instructor, Fort Collins, 970-980-9068.

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