Jury deliberates in death penalty case for killing of five people at Fero’s Bar

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DENVER -- A Denver jury is deliberating the fate of a man who could be sentenced to death if convicted of killing five people.

Dexter Lewis is accused of stabbing four women and a man during a botched robbery inside Fero's Bar at South Colorado Boulevard and East Alameda Avenue in 2012.

He and two others then allegedly torched the place to get rid of the evidence. A third man who was with them became a star witness and confessed to police.

The defense says the prosecution is building its case on the words of liars and criminals.

"You have given your all to a task that you did not ask for. And what did you receive in return? Unreliable purchased testimony and clich├ęs about these witnesses. You deserve better. But they don`t have it. They don`t have the proof," defense attorney David Kraut said.

But prosecutors say the evidence points to Lewis.

"It`s the blame game. Just shift it around, keep moving it around and when the music stops maybe it won't land on Mr. Lewis," proseuctor Matt Wenig said.

If the jury finds Lewis guilty, he faces the possibility of the death penalty or life in prison.

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