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Grass fires flare up across Colorado

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DENVER -- Three grass fires in Colorado in the last two days have flared up along the Front Range, including in Watkins and Brighton on Wednesday.

“Anytime that you have the heat that we have right now coupled with the drier conditions you’re gonna have an increased rate of these grass and brush fires,” North Metro Fire Rescue spokeswoman Sara Farris said.

Colorado had an extremely wet spring, which was great for crops, gardens and grass.  But that’s the problem, grass eventually turns into fuel.

“All that growth, the weeds, the grass and everything those become great fuels for those small grass fires,” Farris said.

With the hot temperatures and dry conditions, more fires are sure to come.

“It could be something as small as an improperly disposed cigarette or someone’s operation some machinery and there’s a spark that comes from it and it touches the grass,” Farris said.

North Metro Fire Rescue says to stay alert, report any smoke and keep your (cigarette) butts to yourself.