Thousands of fish removed from Antero Reservoir

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HARTSEL Colo. -- Thousands of fish are being removed from Antero Reservoir in Park County so Denver Water can finish upgrades to the reservoir’s dam.

On Monday, Colorado Parks & Wildlife used whale-sized nets to scoop up the fish, hoping transfer 4,000 to 5,000 overall.

The fish need to be transferred so Denver Water can drain the reservoir. It’s the only way it can make improvements to the 100-year-old dam.

“As you can imagine, standards have changed quite a bit since that time and we’re bringing it up to those standards,” said Travis Thompson with Denver Water.

The fish vary in size but are roughly 5 to 7 pounds. Most are rainbow, brown and cut throat trout. The fish will be moved to nearby reservoirs in Park County.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife expects to have the transfer complete in a few weeks. Work on the dam is expected to be finished in 2018.