Thousands of fans flock to training center to watch Broncos practice

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- More than four thousand eager Bronco fans flooded the gates at the brand new UC Health Training Facility at 9 o'clock sharp this morning.

"Waiting for this facility was worth taking a year off," said one Broncos fan.

For one group of college students, and die-hard Bronco fans, it began at midnight.

"We wanted to be the first in line," Jerrod Crook said. "Prove that we're the number one fans here and able to support a team that we fully believe is going to win the 50th Super Bowl."

It's become a tradition for Jerrod and his group. Bring your sleeping bags, and they learned the hard way in past seasons, don't sleep on the grass or the sprinklers might get you. So they settled for the sidewalk.

"We're all kind of sore," Crook said. "Our backs kind of hurt but we're proud to be here."

They said the line started growing rapidly at 6 AM.

"It's kind of funny to look back and see where we could be," Crook said.

Once all the fans filed in, it was well worth the wait.

"All you have to do is come early and you get a great spot and you get to interact with the players on a whole deeper level than going to a game and spending a lot of money," Crook said.

It's officially the start of a brand new season, with the same high expectations.

"I think right now it's win or nothing," Crook said. "Super Bowl or bust."