Parents break into daycare with infant locked inside

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HOUSTON, TX. — Authorities in Houston are investigating a mother’s claims that her baby was left alone inside a locked daycare.

Sharonda Ross says no one was at Joann’s Day Care and Camp in Houston when she went to pick her 10-month-old son up on Monday. But the doors were locked and the lights were off. Thinking her husband had picked him up already, she left.

But when she realized that wasn’t the case, both parents rushed back to the daycare.

Ross says she heard her son crying in a crib.

“I bang on the window. I bang on the window a second time. I’m listening. I hear a baby crying. I bang on the window a third time. I’m like, okay. I call him — I’m like ‘he’s in there,'” said Ross.

The owner of the daycare, Joann Davis, apologized for the incident.

“First, I’m deeply, terribly sorry. It’s never happened to us. I’m not going to dismiss it. It’s not, ‘oh, it’s just one time,'” she said. “I am just … I’m apologetic. I thank God he was okay.”

Ross says that her husband had to break a window to get inside to free their child.

She’s filed a report with the County Sheriff’s office.

The Harris County DA tells KTRK they will wait for child protective services to finish the investigation. Depending on what they find, there could be child abandonment or child endangerment charges.

The daycare tells KTRK they are already making changes to policies and cooperating fully with state investigators. They also say they have given parents of children at their daycare two emergency cell numbers.

The daycare owner says the longtime employee who accidentally left the baby alone will not be fired.