Cobra found in Houston apartment building hallway is euthanized

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HOUSTON -- There were some scary moments last weekend for residents of a Houston apartment complex after coming face to face with a deadly cobra that managed to slither its way through the building.

"We screamed, and we ran back into the apartment and shut the door," resident Jan Johnson said.

Angry and ready to attack, the albino monocled cobra stood its ground on the third floor hallway inside the Rice Lofts Downtown.

"For a second, your brain does not compute what that is," Johnson said.

Johnson found the 2-foot cobra after opening her front door Saturday.

"I freaked out. I thought was it there when I left? No," neighbor Joseph Manglicmot said.

The venomous cobra blocked Manglicmot's front door.

"Had a wedding to go to on Saturday. I was running super late," he said.

He said his fear of snakes is greater than his fear of heights.

"I went out my neighbor's window and I scaled the wall into my place," Manglicmot said.

More residents surrounded the young cobra as more residents heard about it.

"Everybody was a little shocked," a man said.

"We talked about throwing a laundry basket over him or doing something," Johnson said. "But we were worried that the snake was going to go someplace where we couldn't find him. So it's better to keep him in sight."

One resident tried to use a toy robot to corner the cobra, but that failed.

Finally, three police officers arrived. Police and neighbors used a broom, pillow case and a stun gun, but the cobra put up a fight before being corraled.

"It was a trip," a neighbor said.

The officers quickly went down the elevator.

"One misstep and one of them would have been in a hospital quick," Brian Moss with animal control said.

Moss said the cobra had struck "probably 150 times." It was euthanized, saying it was far too aggressive.

"That particular cobra is one of the deadliest snakes in the world," Moss said.

The big questions are: Whose cobra was it and how did one of the world's deadliest snakes get out?