Rally held for man serving 90-year prison sentence

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DENVER -- A crowd rallied outside the Colorado State Capitol on Thursday to drum up support for a prisoner serving a 90-year sentence.

Rene Lima-Marin was accidentally released from prison for six years because of a court error. At the time, Lima-Marin thought he was only serving a 16-year -sentence, but he was released after 10.

Once he was released, Lima-Marin did what most prisoners dream of doing: He got back on his feet.

Not only did Lima-Marin find a good job, but he was able to buy a home. He and his wife also had two sons. His life seemed perfect.

“On Jan. 1 of 2014 he received a call about 2 o’clock,” Jasmine Lima-Marin told the crowd outside the Capitol.

That call came from a public defender, she said. The public defender told Lima-Marin about the court error and then said he would have to return to prison for what was a 90-year-sentence.

“I would have never had a wife, children or bought a house, but I did that because [the court] let me out. And now they’re [his family] being punished for something they had nothing to do with,” Rene Lima-Marin said.

Lima-Marin was arrested in 1998 for robbing two video stores at gunpoint. He never hurt anyone.

Lima-Marin feels the 10 years he spent in prison was enough and that he should get his freedom back. He said he has proved he is a good member of society and just wants to spend time with his family and get back to work.

The State Court of Appeals will look at his case on Aug. 12 and will likely make a decision then.

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