Rockies fans say goodbye to Troy Tulowitzki

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DENVER -- To-da-loo to Tulo as the Colorado Rockies pull the trigger on a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, which gives the Rocks a trio of pitchers.

“This was a deal we had to make in order to help our rebuilding process,” said GM Jeff Bridich of the Rockies. “We love Troy and what he has meant to this organization, but this was a business decision we had to make.”

Fans either loved Tulo or kind of thought he was a bit stand-offish, but all agree he was one of the hardest workers and best shortstops in the game.

“It’s a sad day for the Rockies,” said Brenda Carey a Minnesota Twins fan. Another, Holley Griskill a N.Y. Mets fan said, “Now others on the team will have to step up and play harder.”

Derek Freidman, of The Sports Fan said, “Trades hurt players, because they get a percentage of jersey sales, when they are traded they have to start all over when it comes to getting cash for their shirts. We also have to watch our inventory when a player begins to get mentioned in trade talks, so we’re not stuck with a mess of gear after a trade happens.”

For the guy To Legit to Quit, now Tulo will have to play his games north of the border … in TO—Toronto.