Peyton Manning chocolate statue enters phase 2

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- Tim King, Longmont resident and professional sculptor, is a self-described introvert but an extrovert by necessity. He’s most comfortable in his studio creating images of things and people. He’s sculpted people, animals, even a Christmas ornament for President Bush in 2002.

But he’s never sculpted an idol before. Not an American idol, but Broncos Nation idol Peyton Manning. “Unbelievable, super excited.” King said.

King is creating a thirty percent larger than life size chocolatey Peyton Manning for the 2015 Choctober Event held at the Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield on September 19. He used NFL Films and still pictures of the football legend.

The work of art is now in phase two. “I started with a positive sculpture made out of clay, and in order to cast any limited editions of that I have to put rubber outside of that to make a negative image and then we can cast other things inside of that negative copy.”

The Manning statue will be cast in plaster, and once cured, will be sprayed with liquid chocolate. “I needed to make sure that it didn’t fall apart, I wouldn’t want Peyton’s arm to fall off right before the festival.” King said.

In addition to the sweet Manning, King will be making a savory Manning as well, made out of Bronze. Be careful with that arm.

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