Man in crisis thanks JeffCo deputies for help in time of need

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Deputies E. Wilson and J. Hausken, thanked by a man who received help from them in a time of need. (Photo: JCSO)

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A man recently wrote a thank you e-mail to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to thank two deputies for helping him in a time of crisis, the Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook Sunday.

The man, who suffers from a medical condition not identified in the email, had been feeling “down… completely alone,” and a quick, warm response from Jefferson County Deputies E. Wilson and J. Hauksen helped him so much, he felt a need to thank them publicly.

The man’s e-mail, posted on the JeffCo Sheriff’s Office Facebook, reads:

I feel it important to convey how very grateful I am to two of your deputies. During a time when police departments across the country receive grief from the public and the press, my experience has been vastly different. Several days …ago, I was very down – feeling completely alone — sent out an email – someone contacted your office – and Deputies Wilson and Hausken arrived at my door.

Their timing, their warm personality and gentle temperamental style, was exactly what I needed! I had so much I needed to discuss – to get off my mind – and they really listened – asked questions to clarify – I really felt heard!!! That was so important to me.

Today, Deputy Wilson came by and we discussed the numerous ‘chronic pain and illness support groups’ he was able to locate. He’d previously provided me with the crisis number for St. Anthony’s – and these were specific to my medical conditions. Please know how appreciative I am that we have such wise and effective deputies to serve us in Jefferson County. Deputy Wilson, in my estimation, has really gone above and beyond the call. I am very grateful. I just thought you should know.