Bees take over Willow Creek Trail

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CENTENNIAL, Colo.  -- A popular trail for runners and bikers in Centennial is getting a lot of buzz -- but not because of its popularity -- because it’s filled with bees.

The Willow Creek Trail is usually a suburban oasis. But hundreds if not thousands of the stinging insects were living in a huge cottonwood tree on the trail.

The hive won’t be here for much longer though, because, South Suburban Park rangers were working on getting rid of it.

But usually that means getting rid of their tree, but in this case they won’t have to.

The beekeeper is using a special trap and then slowly putting them in a box so they can be safely moved somewhere else.

In the meantime, fans of the trail will enjoy nature’s buzz for a few more days.

The bees will be gone and safe in their new home somewhere far away by Friday, according to officials.

In the meantime if you’re there, stop by and check them out because it's pretty cool to see, but do so at a safe distance.