Hundreds gather at church on third anniversary of theater shooting

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AURORA, Colo. -- They came to remember, pray and celebrate.

Over two hundred supporters, community members and survivors of the Aurora theater shooting gathered here at the  Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, just a few yards away from the now infamous movie theater.  It’s been three years since that fateful morning, but for some, like Marcus Weaver who himself was shot, it was just like yesterday, “On that floor, you could hear the gunshots, you could hear the gunman, you could see the silhouette through the cracks in the seat.”

Governor John Hickenlooper was at the memorial and offered up words of encouragement, “That’s what a place of worship like this is all about, allowing us to help each other.”

For those in attendance, there was no doubt it was an uplifting experience with all the live music and singing.  And that was the point. “The pain is still there from the tragedy that took place, but it’s our goal today to release all of the hurt and the memories to the Lord and let Him take care of it.” Said Heritage Christian Center Pastor Dennis Leonard.

After the song-filled memorial, colorful balloons were released and soared into the blue Colorado sky.  No doubt, spirits were lifted as well.