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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora couple hoping for justice, if not restitution, said they didn’t find it at the Arapahoe County Courthouse.

Richard and Mindy Siegel are upset their former handyman, Steven Bradley, wasn’t given jail time after pleading guilty to probation violations.

Bradley pleaded guilty to felony theft in 2013 after admitting he stole jewelry from the Siegels' home.

At the time of his plea deal, Bradley avoided jail time by agreeing to pay more than $12,000 restitution.  But Bradley failed to keep up with his payments, tested positive for alcohol, and skipped six drug and alcohol tests that were required under the terms of his supervision.

At the probation revocation hearing, Bradley pleaded guilty but instead of jail time, as the Siegels had hoped, the judge gave him two more years of probation.

“I’m sick over the whole situation,” said Richard Siegel, who complained the legal system is “broken, it’s absolutely broken.”

Arapahoe County prosecutors pointed out Bradley now has a felony on his record, something that would have been wiped clean had he not violated probation.

But that’s little comfort to the Siegels, who have little hope Bradley will ever pay them back for the jewelry that was stolen.

“My hope was that the courts would show that they’re not going to mess with him anymore, put him in jail for a period of time and show that it was a serious situation.  The courts are not taking it serious,” Richard Siegel said.

The Arapahoe County probation department has lowered Bradley’s restitution payments from $600 a month to $200 a month, more proof the Siegels said that Bradley beat the system.

“He's walking out with a better deal than he had from the beginning,” Richard Siegel said.

Bradley was supposed to complete restitution by November but so far has only paid $2,500. If he starts making his payments on time, it will take him four more years to pay back the Siegels.