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7 start up restaurants under one roof have chance at success at Avanti F&B

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DENVER -- Opening up a brand new restaurant at best is risky business.  Sixty percent fail within the first year, eighty percent in under five.

One needs a lot more than mom’s classic recipe to survive, and that’s where Avanti F&B comes in. “This is a collective eatery, what we have here is seven restaurants under one roof.” Says co-owner of Avanti Patrick O’Neill.

At first glance it may look like a food court, but it’s not.  It’s actually more of a restaurant incubator.

“We get these guys started with all new equipment. We get them started with detailed instructions and timelines on how to open a restaurant.”

Seven eateries with short term leases, by design, to see if their food takes a foot hold, all without a ton of up front capital. “Financially, the capital, it’s a lot so this is much easier to swallow in terms of the capital it would take,” said David Bravida, owner or Brava! Pizzeria.

Unlike a food court Avanti F&B has two fully stocked bars on the two floors of their digs, great views of downtown on their outdoor patio, and a lot of uptown ambience. It's located at West 32nd Avenue and Pecos Street in Denver.

The food hall, an old concept just found a new home.