Tube to Work Day in Boulder means whitewater fun for participants

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Let’s see, getting ready to go to work in Boulder. Nice shirt, slacks, comfy shoes, inner tube. Inner tube?!

Of course, it’s the eighth annual Tube to Work Day.

“Tube to Work Day is an extreme white water way to get to your place of employment," said Jeff Kagan, co-founder of the event.

We’ve heard about alternative transportation, but this is ridiculous, right?

“You gotta have your wet suit, your business suit, your helmet for safety. These rapids can be no joke.” Kagan said.

More than 150 tuber commuters showed up at 7 a.m. at Eben G. Fine park in Boulder. They pumped up their tubes and floated to work.

Kagan is not doing this to raise awareness. He’s not doing this as a fundraiser. It’s more of a fun-raiser.

“The primary meaning behind Tube to Work Day is good times with good people on some amazing white water," he said.

They might not be saving the planet, but that’s not the point. Tube on.

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