I-70 construction in Idaho Springs hurts businesses in busy tourist season

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IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Road construction along I-70 in Idaho Springs is creating some problems for drivers, but business owners in the mountain town are fed up, too.

The roads have been torn up there since the fall.

Business owners say they were told it was supposed to be finished months ago. But it's July, and the cone zones are still in place.

The road work makes it tougher for tourists to find their way into the normally bustling shopping district during the summertime.

Some shop owners say their profits are down as much as 60 percent.

"I'm disappointed by the way they've actually done both bridges at the same time. They should have actually done one versus the other and then when they were finished with one, start the other project," said Jim Daleno.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says it did have a few setbacks, otherwise the projects are on schedule to be done this fall.

Until then, crews will only work at night to make it easier for drivers to get in and out of Idaho Springs.