Construction begins on controversial bicycle lanes in Boulder

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Construction began Monday on a controversial plan to make more room on the roads for bicycles in Boulder. But not everyone is happy with the plan because it will take away some of the traffic lanes for cars.

The idea is to give bikes more room and make it safer and encourage more people to use their bikes for commuting.

On the four-lane roads, one lane will be taken from the cars in each direction and given to bicyclists. Crews will also be putting up protective markings, signs and new striping on the roads.

The bicyclists love the idea. But some people living in Boulder worry it will only add to congestion on streets that might already be too crowded.

Folsom Street begins Monday, then Iris Avenue in August and 63rd Street in September.

The work on Folsom is expected to take about two weeks.