Harry Styles stumbles on stage during One Direction concert

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SAN DIEGO —   Harry Styles, member of One Direction, stumbled onstage during Thursday night’s concert that kicked off the band’s North American tour.

According to the USA Today, Harry told his fans after the fall, “Physically, I’m fine. Emotionally, I’m bruised. … If anyone had a video of that, just delete it!”

But of course fans and social media users took this opportunity to make parodies, memes and more about this funny but embarrassing moment.

They even started using the hashtag #OhNoHarry.



He recalled the night as the “perfect way to start the tour” on his Twitter.

The band launched their Honda Civic: On The Road Again Tour on Thursday and it will continue throughout the fall.

Denver is not a stop on the band’s route, however, you can see the stops the group will make on the tour’s website at onedirectionmusic.com.

This was the first major concert tour since Zayn Malik left the group a few months earlier.

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