Uber ready to help during Amber Alerts

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DENVER - The popular ride sharing service Uber is launching a new service which will allow its drivers to receive late breaking information on Amber Alerts and other major warnings from local law enforcement.

The company, which is launching the service only in Colorado, will push information out to drivers who are currently on the road at the time of an alert.

"These are real people on the road at that time, they're the eyes and ears, and if they can help out local authorities our drivers want to do so," said Will McCollum, general manager of Uber of Colorado.

The service, which would not be on passenger's displays, could help law enforcement receive new tips on missing kids within minutes of issuing an alert.

Other services, like the Denver based Medina App, allow anyone to see up to the minute information on hit-and-run crashes and ongoing investigations. The Medina application is free to download for iPhone and iPad.

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