Keeping pets calm as fireworks go off

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DENVER -- When it comes to fireworks, many pets get nervous and scared.

Veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald said it’s a common problem.

“Dogs get phobias and probably the biggest I see in dogs is noise phobia from thunderstorms, firecrackers, gunshots,” Fitzgerald said. “They can salivate and vomit. They can run they can dig out of yards.”

One solution is to use a swaddling vest.

“This hugging stimulation of the swaddling sensation calms them,” Fitzgerald said. “These little security vests are a great idea for dogs and cats of any size, but there are other things you can do to make sure your pet doesn’t freak out when it starts getting loud outside.”

One way is to isolate pets from the sound.

“One thing I do with my dog Yoda, he’s really afraid of thunder, so I put him in a room with no windows, play the radio and have white noise, so he’s listening to Led Zeppellin,” Fitzgerald said.

July 5 is the busiest day of the year for pounds and shelters because of pets running away from the noise.