Community calls in tip about truck similar to one sought by FBI

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- A truck with striking similarities to the sketch released by the FBI in northern Colorado is garnering attention and shows a community is keeping on high alert.

It's been a busy several weeks for the taskforce in charge of investigating the murder of John Jacoby and the shooting of Cori Romero and two others.

“This is the one I took and that`s the sketch,” said Beverly Huff.

Huff says she was driving to a friends house Tuesday and her heart skipped a beat when she spotted a 1970`s orange, rusted Chevy in the old town part of ft. Collins

“Immediately when I saw it I was like, that looks identical to the picture,” she said.

This picture she’s referring to is the one released by the serial shooter taskforce.  A rendering of truck of interest apparently tied to a pair of Loveland shootings.

“I didn`t get out because it made me a little nervous so I kind of just drove up next to it and flashed a picture with my phone and drove away,” Huff said.

Huff spoke with a detective and learned she`s not the only one keeping a watchful eye.

“I’m guessing they`ve gotten an alarming amount of tips,” she said.

“I just noticed several police cars circulating around the neighborhood slowly,” said Stephen Thompson who lives across the street from where the truck is parked.

“I thought the front of the truck looked very similar to the one that was on the news,” Thompson said.

But looking at side by side comparison, he's not convinced.

“On the side on the one that was on the news there was black paint patches. And this particular truck happens to have white paint patches so I really didn`t give it a 3rd thought,” said Thompson.

He says police milled around the area for about an hour early this morning.

“You always wonder, especially when someone gets shot and killed,” he said.

That wondering is leading to an alert community and dozens of calls to the tip line.

In this case, the FBI followed up.

“Well the truck really belongs to my husband,” said a woman who answered the door of the home where the truck is parked says they've been cleared by investigators.

“The FBI has already talked to us about the truck and I think they are satisfied,” the woman said.

The FBI says they are doing everything they can do identify possible suspects and also just as importantly eliminate potential suspects.

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