New radio station in Denver area ‘Smokin 94.1’ is all about weed

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DENVER -- Marc Paskin at 66 years old is a self-made millionaire. “I made money by investing in apartments,”  he said.

After spending over thirty years in real estate, he decided to retire and take up a hobby.  Not fishing or golf, but marijuana, “This is a marijuana themed radio station.” Paskin declared.

With eight hundred and seventy five thousand dollars burning a hole in his pocket, Paskin bought a Denver FM radio station and is calling it Smokin 94.1.

All day, all night, all weed. “It’s the first in Denver and on FM radio it’s the first anywhere in the United States.”

In addition to his Bob Marley hat, Paskin wears many other hats as well.  DJ, producer, engineer, and owner. “I didn’t do it to promote marijuana, I did it to have a fun, off the wall crazy radio station.”  Paskin likes his station so much, he calls it his toy.

But the burning question is, does he himself use pot? “I forgot the answer, I don’t remember.”

Smokin 94.1, where one hit leads to another.

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