Flash floods pour into Loveland

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LOVELAND, Colo. — A slow moving storm dumped more than an inch of rain on parts of Loveland on Thursday afternoon causing some major flash flooding.

The Fountains of Loveland, a local wedding and event venue had its outdoor marriage area flooded due to the heavy rain.

“It probably filled up five feet in the last 10 minutes or so,” explained Stephanie Llamas, who works for the business.

Llamas said the venue had flooded once before more than a year ago. Three weddings are planned at Fountains of Loveland this weekend — all of which will have to be moved inside.

“And you know what, we’re a glass half full people. Not a big deal,” said Matt Elkens, who’s getting married at the venue on Friday.

Other areas in Loveland saw minor flooding, such as the Sam’s Club along Eisenhower Boulevard. But like most Colorado storms, the water moved out just as fast as it moved in.