Insurance dispute arises after roof falls on cars during storm in Denver

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Last Friday's storms packed a powerful punch and left its mark in the Denver area.

On the 800 block of South Birch Street in Denver, high winds peeled off a roof at an apartment complex. The roof fell onto several parked cars.

"We just want answers," Alma Neal said. Neal has significant damage to her car. "We just want to know who's going to pay for our damages because we can't afford to pay for that."

Comprehensive car insurance would have covered the damage to Leal's car, but she only has uninsured motorists coverage. Leal and other victims say the apartment's insurance should cover the costs.

"Probably not, unless there was something the building owner or landowner did that was negligent causing that roof to fly off," said Barb Frank, State Farm Insurance Agent. Frank doesn't represent either side in this case. "It's easier to have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle than try to prove negligence."